December 15, 2016

We have recently published a MCBAG Book!  It contains many choice selections from our galleries, and is available now on

Enjoy irreverent commentaries on our collection of creative failures!


MCBAG on Amazon.jpg

Our mission is to celebrate creative failure.


In case you missed it, here is a link to the July, 2016 SF Chronicle article on MCAG: 




In today’s competitive society with so much emphasis on perfection and achievement, we ask: why not celebrate the reality of our existence, -- we have all been or felt like failed losers at some point in our lives. On our journeys to success and achievement we have made lots of mistakes.

But they have been beautiful mistakes, simply because many have sprung from a deep well (and sometimes not so deep) of creative inspiration! This, in essence, is what constitutes bad art.

Each piece has an interpretative note, which attempts to demystify the unfathomable depths of the creative inspiration of each artist. Lacking anything nice to say about some of these we have unleashed vituperative torrents of abuse.