Gallery 2 and 3 Updated with 25 fresh discoveries!

It's early May and we've just returned from a collecting trip in the central valley - as soon as we can identify the perps for those pieces, we'll add the images and tombstones for those as well!

We want to raise a larger issue for your consideration: What, in your opinion constitutes ART? What makes ART 'good'? What makes ART 'bad'? We encounter ART everyday - much is intentional, some is serendipitous, and a lot goes unnoticed. But when we put on our critics' robes and start to pass judgement, what standards should apply? And who gets to be the critic, describing or deriding what she or he thinks worthy of note?

Please join the conversation and help define ART as you see it! 

12 Additional pieces added to the MCBAG collection

Recent visits to the East Bay have yielded several new missed-the-mark masterpieces. Gallery 2 now displays 7 of these acquisitions, and we've been fortunate to include 5 'guest' submissions in Gallery 4, from our increasingly wide network of generous contributors, most of who freely admit the art in question (questionable art?) comes from their own basements or closets.

MCBAG Guest Gallery Planned

We have had a number of submissions from our viewers - unfortunately some of them are too good to be bad. Those special needs paintings that passed our rigorous evaluation committee are being analyzed for potential forgery, photographed and fingerprinted, and as soon as the accompanying text has been fabricated, we will be placing them in Gallery 4. 

On another note, Artie McBag, who was pimping our gallery on a Facebook page has been paid off, and agreed to send his friends over to our new Facebook page. Accept no substitutes!


Opening Day at MCBAG!

You are among the first visitors to our new web site Celebrating Creative Failure.

Please take a look around, and enjoy the galleries. In the coming months we will explore a variety of topics, and we welcome your commentary on these eccentric images and the irreverent texts we have assembled.

Feel free to 'like us' and to share the link to this collection with your like minded friends. 

Thank you!